F5 Server Name Indication with Pool Selection and Redirect Support

Deploy new sites faster and improve IP address utilization with name based virtual host pool resolution on F5 LTM. Configuring a Virtual Server as described below will allow your F5 to support multiple Drupal (and other) websites on a single IP while supporting custom redirects and SSL/SNI.

At CU-Boulder HDS, we use a pair of F5's to route traffic across a redundant server pool (I'll post about that another time) and faced issues associated with a growing number of websites requiring address space on an already heavily-utilized block of 256 IP addresses. After we received a request for a redirect which could only be implemented (at that time) by deploying yet another IP address, I searched for a method to implement an Apache style Name Based Virtual Host on the F5. As such, our needs were as follows:

  • Support multiple websites requiring SSL with SNI
  • Allow redirection of traffic from HTTP to HTTPS
  • Permit sites to function entirely as redirects to other sites (eg. redirect cuhousing.colorado.edu to housing.colorado.edu)
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