Web Standards

RFC7231 Compliant HTTP Date Headers

Tracking down the Date Header standard. Improve reverse-proxy and edge caching with proper HTTP Date header usage.

Project Background

Over the past five months, I have worked on the USDA WCMaaS (Web Content Management as a Service) Platform helping migrate and launch several Drupal and static based websites on the environment. WCMaaS is a Salt managed and Docker containerized system intended for use across USDA for improving sites. Inline with other modern tools selected, the system uses Varnish 4.x (version is important later!). We've gone from site launches requiring months to our recent launch being 16 days from dev delivery to production. Overall it has been rewarding and we're now implementing changes on an agile basis including Solr and reliable Akamai profiles. Within the Akamai Luna control panel I noticed that the hit-offload metric was very low (5%) which meant less than an ideal amount of traffic was being handle by the edge caching provided by Akamai's service.

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